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Turkish Spice Blend
Sprinkle on salads, eggplant, hummus or roasted tomatoes & BBQ
Onion Salt
Use in place of onion and salt in recipes.
Garlic Salt
Use in place of garlic and salt in recipes.
Savory Marmalades and Jams
Featured on Food Networks, Great American Food Finds, August 2015.
Salt Shot Glasses ,Set of 4
New patent puts liner inside shot glass to keep Tequila from becoming too salty!
2"Square Jar
Product is out of stock
Traditional Korean Chili spice.
Salt, Sriracha
Tangy Thai heat infused into natural sea salt.
Korean Black Garlic Blend
Presents a round, pronounced sweetness typical of Korean barbecue
Black Garlic Cloves
Sweet, rich & savory aged garlic. 10 x antioxidant properties!
Umami Dust Seasoning
Use to enhance stir fry, vegetables, roasted potatoes, fish, rice....
Truffle Parmesan Black Garlic Blend
Add to taste - popcorn, potato, veggies, rice, beef
Bourbon Vanilla Sugar
Try Bourbon Vanilla Sugar in your coffee.
Salts, Smoked
Choose from applewood, alderwood, hickory and mesquitre
Curry Green, Thai Coconut
Use with mussels, chicken, rice and veggies
Flavored Sugars
From fresh and fruity to rich and savory!
Tin, 1 oz with Window
1oz tin with window
Citrus & Ginger Blend
sea salt, pepper, garlic, oregano, onion, lemon peel,lime peel, honey,...