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Vanilla Bean Whole
Price is for each vanilla bean. Use to make Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Sugar,...
Apricot Pepper Sauce
Rich, full apricot flavor finishes with a chili kick at the end!
Cocoas In Retro Tin
2 - 3 Tbsp to hot water or milk.
Mole Sauce
Pipian - tangy nut blend; Poblano - chocolatey spicy sauce.
Firefighters Habanero Pepper Sauce
Made by Palo Alto Firefighters.
Firefighters Pepper Sauce
A hot sauce with heat and flavor!
Smoky Fig & Roasted Garlic
Chunks of sweet figs, bold roasted garlic and a subtle onion flavor are...
Soup, Miners Minestrone, Lg
Serves 6 - 8
Soup,Thorpellini Tortellini, Lg
Serves 6 - 8
Salt, Black Truffle
Ready to use. Just add to recipe as called for.
Vanilla Extract, 1 oz bottle
Use to flavor desserts.
Miners Mustard
Miners Mustard offers the perfect combination of hot and sweet flavors to...
A nutty, healthy and flavorful appetizer.
Chili -Piment d'Espelette
This chili was hand carried back to Murphys from Espelette, France!
Peppercorn Mix, 4 Pepper
Black peppercorns, white peppercorns, green peppercorns, and pink peppercorns.
Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce
Bourbon Barrel Aged Worcestershire Sauce, Kentucky Sorghum, apple cider...
Mace Powder
Mace is sweeter and lighter in flavor than nutmeg.
Marble Salt Bowl
2 1/2 " bowl is perfect for salt, spices or sauces.