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Black Garlic Cloves
Sweet, rich & savory aged garlic. 10 x antioxidant properties!
Porcini Mushroom, domestic
Porcinis have a nutty and slightly meaty flavor with a smooth, creamy texture
Vanilla Bean Whole
Price is for each vanilla bean. Use to make Vanilla Extract, Vanilla Sugar,...
Apricot Pepper Sauce
Rich, full apricot flavor finishes with a chili kick at the end!
Cocoas In Retro Tin
2 - 3 Tbsp to hot water or milk.
Mole Sauce
Pipian - tangy nut blend; Poblano - chocolatey spicy sauce.
Firefighters Habanero Pepper Sauce
Made by Palo Alto Firefighters.
Firefighters Pepper Sauce
A hot sauce with heat and flavor!
Judge Casey's Irish Relish
Definitely NOT Ketchup!
Smoky Fig & Roasted Garlic
Chunks of sweet figs, bold roasted garlic and a subtle onion flavor are...
Soup, Miners Minestrone, Lg
Serves 6 - 8
Soup,Thorpellini Tortellini, Lg
Serves 6 - 8
Salt, Black Truffle
Ready to use. Just add to recipe as called for.
Manzanita Bolete Mushroom
Manzanita Boletes are a sweet, meaty mushroom that rehydrates very well.
Matsutake Mushroom
The matsutake, or pine mushroom, is a Japanese delicacy.
Vanilla Extract, 1 oz bottle
Use to flavor desserts.
Apricot Ginger Teriyaki Glaze
Sweet, spicy, salty sauce - perfect for veggies and meats alike.
Bourbon Peppercorn Steak Slather
Bold and bursting with flavor, this phenomenal sauce brings together the...