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Spices & Herbs

Chili Flakes, Marash
Product ID : 1277071
Marash Pepper has aromas of dried fruits and must and deep earthy flavors.
Chili Pepper, Ground
Product ID : 1277072
Pure mild red chili, preferred by gourmet cooks
Chili Threads
Product ID : 1277073
Chili Threads have mild heat and good flavor. Top off scallops, casseroles...
Chili, Aleppo
Product ID : 1277068
Great on any red meats (beef, lamb) or chicken, as well as in soups. with...
Chili, Ancho, Ground
Product ID : 1277074
Ancho has a classic chili flavor. This mild, dark, earthy chili has fruity...
Chili, Guajillo
Product ID : 1277229
Guajillo is a mildly hot chile, use in sauces, salsa and soups. Add directly...
Chili, Urfa Biber Flakes
Product ID : 18226-1
Chilis, Ground Chipotle
Product ID : 1277075
For chipotle butter, simply combine chipotle powder with melted butter and a...
Chimichurri, 1 oz
Product ID : 12826107Z
Garlic, parsley, onion, red chili, black pepper, oregano, cilantro, salt, cumin
Chinese 5 Spice Blend
Product ID : 1277103
A fine grind of various ingredients in equal proportions, Chinese Five Spice...
Chives - Cut & Sifted
Product ID : 1277077
Flavor reminiscent of a sweeter, milder version of an onion. Commonly used...
Cilantro, Domestic
Product ID : 1277078
Not as pungent or flavorful as fresh cilantro. Used like dry parsley flakes...
Cinnamon Powder
Product ID : 1277080
From the mountains of Sumatra, this is Korintje cinnamon powder 2.5% oil,...
Cinnamon Powder, Saigon
Product ID : 1277081
Strongest cinnamon flavor, deep brown with rich hotness, 5% oil content (most...
Cinnamon Sticks, 1"
Product ID : 1277083
From the mountains of Sumatra, this is Korintje cinnamon powder 2.5% oil,...
Cinnamon Sticks, 6"
Product ID : 5125560
Use in puddings, cakes, cookies, breads, drinks, curries, meat and game,...
Cinnamon Sticks, Sri Lanka
Product ID : 512358
3" sticks good to use in desserts, breads and drinks. Or just have one on...
Cinnamon, Sri Lanka
Product ID : 1277082
This particular species is known as "true cinnamon" and is grown in Sri Lanka.