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BBQ Blends

Bourbon Smoked Sugar
Product ID : 712001
Demerara sugar smoked with Kentucky whiskey barrel staves!
Cajun Blackened
Product ID : 1277057
Use for seafood, sauces, homestyle stir-fry potatoes
Cajun Spice Blend Powder
Product ID : 1277058
Seafood, sauces, homestyle stir-fry potatoes
Calaveras Chicken Rub
Product ID : 1277067
Granular blend for seasoning chicken and poultry. Use on vegetables and in...
Chipotle Honey Rub
Product ID : 211101
Just add a little of this rub to ribs, chicken, tenderloin, or anything else...
French Gulch Steak Rub
Product ID : 131024-Z2
Think Red Wine, Friday night and BBQ!
French Mustard Herb Blend
Product ID : 13131-1Z2
Take pot roast to the next level!
Gold Dust BBQ Blend
Product ID : 1673-1
Ingredients: Garlic, salt, pepper, onion, sugar, turmeric, spices
Hummachucka BBQ Rub
Product ID : 121912102
Heat, smokey and savory BUT no salt or sugar!
Jamaican Jerk Seasoning
Product ID : 512357
Great seasoning for pork or chicken. Mix with ground turkey or beef for...
Jan's Sidewinder Beef Rub
Product ID : 1279473
A wonderful "cowboy" blend that is wonderful on Tri Tip!
Key West Fish Seasoning
Product ID : 12826110
Salt, sugar, lemon peel, basil, thyme, celery, parsley, garlic, onion, citric...
Mesquite Seasoning
Product ID : 1277127
A fun and smokey BBQ rub - think BBQ potato chips!
Murphys Rub
Product ID : 1279476
A savory blend that has heat from black pepper and the herbal finish of dill.
One Trick Pony, BBQ Rub
Product ID : 147704
A sweet and savory blend that can easily be used for all kinds of BBQ meat...
Rambo's Fish Rub
Product ID : 1399254
A savory & sweet rub without heat - perfect for fish.