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Chili Flakes, Marash
Marash Pepper has aromas of dried fruits and must and deep earthy flavors.
French Mustard Herb Blend
Take pot roast to the next level!
Harissa, Moroccan
Harissa can be used in couscous, soups, salads, vegetables, stews, kabobs,...
Lavender #1
English Lavender grown in France. It has a characteristic purple-blue color...
Leek Flakes
Dehydrated leek flakes have a subtle onion flavor.
Lemon Granules
1/2 tsp granules and 1/2 tsp warm water equals 1 tsp grated lemon peel. Allow...
Lemon Pepper
Mace Powder
Mace is sweeter and lighter in flavor than nutmeg.
Manzanita Bolete Mushroom
Manzanita Boletes are a sweet, meaty mushroom that rehydrates very well.
Similar to oregano, but with a sharper flavor. Also known as wild oregano.
Mesquite Seasoning
A fun and smokey BBQ rub - think BBQ potato chips!
Mint Julep Sugar
A Kentucky Derby rimmer!
Mole Blend
Delicious as rub and/or paste for chicken.
Moroccan Spiced Couscous
Couscous with Ras el Hanout spices. Durum wheat semolina (Contains wheat).
Mulling Spices
This product is a basic mulling spice blend, used for spiced ciders and wines.
Murphys Rub
A savory blend that has heat from black pepper and the herbal finish of dill.
Mustard Powder - Yellow
Hot Deal
Very fine powder of common hot yellow mustard seed, which is also referred to...
Mustard Seeds, Whole - Brown
Brown mustard has a peppery flavor, and may be substituted for black mustard.
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