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Anise, Star
Use Star Anise in barbecued or roasted chicken, poached fish or shellfish,...
Jan's Sidewinder Beef Rub
A wonderful "cowboy" blend that is wonderful on Tri Tip!
Mint Julep Sugar
A Kentucky Derby rimmer!
Paprika, Smoked
Add directly to recipes as called for, or sprinkle over foods to flavor and...
Paprika, Smoked Hot
A hotter version of the smoked sweet paprika, about a 7 on the heat scale.
Paprika, Spanish
Spanish Paprika is closely related to the Hungarian variety but not as sweet.
Pepper Tri Mix - Salt & Garlic
Blend of three very popular seasonings in one mix.
Poppy Seeds, Blue
Blue poppy seeds, which are widely used in many parts of Central and Eastern...
Poppy Seeds, White
Try adding Poppy Seeds to dressings for noodles or rice, or to garnish...
Saffron, Spanish
Saffron crop in Spain is 1/2 the quantity from last year due to dry weather....
Sage, Fine Powder
Sage leaves need no preparation. Add them to meats before cooking.
Sage, Whole
Sage leaves need no preparation. Add them to meats before cooking.
Summer Savory, cut leaves has slight peppery taste.
Seasoning Salt
Great on everything!
Sesame Seeds, Black
The Black Sesame Seed is less common and has a more concentrated flavor than...
Sesame Seeds, Hulled
Hulled seeds are cleaner in appearance than natural sesame seeds. Often used...
Sesame Seeds, Natural
These flat, tiny seeds have a rich, nutty, sweet flavor which allows them to...