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Spices & Herbs

Lemon Pepper
Soup, Miners Minestrone, Sm
serves 2
Soup, Miners Minestrone, Lg
Serves 6 - 8
Soup, Thorpellini Tortellini, Sm
Serves 2
Aged Balsamic Salt
Vintage Merlot Sea Salt
Rich red wine from Washington wineries infuse natural sea salt
Black Mustard Seed
Sharp, spicy mustard flavor; dark reddish brown to black
A very strong, pungent spice used in Indian cuisine
Eldorado Smoked Salt
Genuine mesquite wood flavors this salt
Jamaican Charqui
Tangy blend - vinegar sweet!
Seasoning Salt
Great on everything!
Vanilla Paste
Provides intense vanilla flavor without thinning batter or sauce.
Chili -Piment d'Espelette
This chili was hand carried back to Murphys from Espelette, France!
Turkish Spice Blend
Sprinkle on salads, eggplant, hummus or roasted tomatoes & BBQ
Onion Salt
Use in place of onion and salt in recipes.
Garlic Salt
Use in place of garlic and salt in recipes.
Traditional Korean Chili spice.