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Baan Pottery From Thailand

Thai Pottery
THE NATURE OF CELADON Celadon is one kind of three main types of ceramics in Thailand. Its production has continued to develop from its early beginnings 700 years ago until the present. The name ‘celadon’ from two Sanskrit words means green stone. Celadon comes in many shades and styles, being found in tones of light and dark gray, honey yellow, green and green-yellow, olive green, blue-green and brown. History of Celadon During 1300-1500 A.D.Sukhothai was the center of the continual production of Celadon for over 200 years as evidenced by hundreds of old kilns excavated at Tambon Ban Ko Noi and Tambon Payang in Sawankhaloke. Chiang Mai has as long a tradition of the low-fired earthenware or Terra Cotta, like water containers, pots and vases, has originally long been produced for daily life uses. Later on in 1950, groups of Shan people migratrd from Shan State, Myanmar and added the more decorative forms of pottery. As a result, Chiang Mai has been recognized as the home of the reestablishment of traditionally-produced Celadon, and sustaining the beauty of Sukhothai arts for over than 70 years. USES OF CELADON As celadon is a manmade product which depends upon the skills and experience of craftsmen, it is valuable. Because of its attractiveness, celadon is used both for home decoration and everyday use. Cooking and serving with celadon ware is recommended, even in a microwave oven, since no chemicals are used during production. THE VALUE OF CELADON Celadon is considered a Thai art and craft which is closely related to Thai culture and tradition from ancient times till nowadays. The traditional process from our Thai forefathers and the skills in today’s production constitute a valuable and important heritage for the future generations. Celadon works express the simplicity, firmness of feeling of each craftsman. The tenderness, love of arts and faith of craftsmen are also expressed through their handmade celadon ceramics.
Baan Celadon Tea Cup
Handmade traditional Thai pottery